Welcome to the Hollister Lab at GT!

Hollister Lab is looking for a Lab Assistant!

Job description available at https://finaid.gatech.edu/available-federal-work-study-positions under “department of biomedical engineering”.

This is a federal work study position (FWS), please confirm your eligibility before applying. 

Please forward your inquiries to vkulagin3@gatech.edu


We focus on image-based design, patient-specific modeling, and 3D biomaterial printing services within a Quality System to develop patient-specific medical devices, implants, and scaffolds.

There are three major goals for the Hollister Lab at Georgia Tech:  

  1. Support physicians from the ideation through pre-clinical testing and clinical trials of medical devices/implants/scaffolds from concept stage through pre-clinical testing and clinical trials. 
  2. Advance clinical planning, patient education and clinical education through the 3D printing of patient-specific devices.
  3. Provide an open manufacturing process to advance the field in patient-specific medical device development.  While we are committed to protecting the proprietary nature of collaborators’ devices, the Hollister Lab is also committed to publishing peer review literature and training students in design, simulation, fabrication (3D printing and its hybrids), and testing.

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